Sunday, January 08, 2006

Duathalon Part two

Jeff and Tom Merrill arrived at my house about noon for a trail ride. We packed up our gear and two dogs and drove to Pine st for the start of a suffer-fest.
My legs were rubbery after the morning run but my aim was to ride hard until I could not spin the cranks anymore. Jeff was admittedly fucked from the first hour of our technical ride. He had spent the week training hard while pushing a big gear commuting to work. Tom was in a similar situation. He had a couple days of hill training earlier in the week. The dogs were in top form. Bronte and Gus were fully rested, ripping around, jumping off rocks and having a great time.
Although the three of us were not at 100 percent in the strength department we layed down some good lines on technical trails. Studded tires once again were an essential component that allowed riding ice covered trails and obstacles with ease.
According to the gps our moving time was 2:22 with a stopped time of 1:20 covering 11.5 miles of hairy single track. It was an amazing ride, we had zero break-downs, just a couple minor crashes and none of us bonked. Gus and Bronte slept well last night.
To make an excellent day even more memorable Lesli and my parents took me for a birthday dinner here. Prime rib with potatoes..mmm. After we drove back to our house for cake and ice cream while watching the Pat's kick the Jaguar's butts 28 to 3! Does it get better than this?

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