Sunday, January 29, 2006

Road rip

Was a slow bike week for me. No mid-week night ride with the boys due to 9 inches of snow in the woods. The snow is very soft due to temps in the 40's and 50's. Ken D and I tried to get into B.P. and realized early-on that a woods ride was not going to happen. When Jeff arrived we decided to scrap plans for a snow epic and instead head out to link some dirt roads and back roads on the north shore.
Things just fell in to place for some road work. Ken had his hard tail, as did I and Jeff showed with his race rig..We were all set to rip. Ken and I cheated with a quick swap to semi-slick tire f+r but Whit stuck with one of his hakka studded and a H.V. - good thing too. Slowed that fucker down just enough that I could hang off his rear wheel most of the time.
At times we pushed it to the point of puke. Ken is an animal. It will be very interesting to see what races, if any he will focus on come xc season.
Toward the end of the ride we saw this dude. Look close..that wheel is something else..bigger than a 29" but not a road wheel?

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