Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Break-Through Sunday

Got out early this morning and met Barry Rugo up at B+T's. These woods are full of man-made bridges and jumps some of which I had not ridden..untill Sunday.
During the 20 minute drive to the woods I envisioned my self riding the big see-saw that sits near the beginning of the trail. The see saw is not a big deal, it's what comes after that concerns me..Exiting the ramp the rider gets shot down a long Rock face Today the psych-out session in the car worked.
After the see-saw I was pumped to try everything I'd been avoiding for the past two years. Barry and I both hit this skate board style ramp that throws the rider up to a six foot boulder. Was smooth as butter. Seemed we were both ON!
These woods are chock-full of boulder fields to play around on.
After riding for two hours we decided to get out before pressing our luck..Well, almost. Barry reminded me of a plywood jump that sits atop a bunch of boulders. "what the hell" I said and we spun over to take a look.The take off is perfect but the landing is daunting to say the least. George always says to "ride into it" meaning that things will fall into place when the rider is on line. That's precisely what happened. I rolled into the line twice to estimate the speed needed and Launched on the third try. Here is a look at the landing complete with natural transition.
Barry also wanted the line. He was silently eyeballing what needed to be done and before I could take out the camera he sped at the ramp and cleared the mess below. Fun guy to bike with..He doesn't need a stupid camera to push him to ride a line.

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