Sunday, January 22, 2006


Saturday's ride was outstanding. Rode with local gang consisting of Mary and Jim Steggal, Jim Black, Roger, Al, and Huub. I love riding with these guys - they know ALL the trails (hell, they made a few of them!) and best of all, they f'n rip! Their average age is fourty-something and they ride harder than most 25 year olds!
Warmed up on G-spot and then over to res dog. The weather was in the 60's - wtf? It's January in Boston?? Many of us were in short sleeves and shorts! Spun the technical trails for three hours. Check out a movie from Res Dog trail, called Table Rock .
With seven riders we were able to move a few large trees that were blown down in a recent storm.
Should have packed lights and rode another three hours.

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