Thursday, January 12, 2006

warm and foggy

last night's freakishly warms temps (above 50 degrees) set up some better than to be expected riding conditions. I was in total denial, how could tempters rise to 50 in January? Like a fool I kept my studded tires on the VT thinking there would still be ice on the trails...nope. My buds, Jeff and Barry were more level headed about the tropical weather and showed with the proper rubber installed.
Studded tires and wet-granite boulders are a dangerous combination. I slid to the bottom of many liken covered rocks last evening. Finally surrendering to the fact that this ride was all about merely surviving for me. - I walked most of the "good stuff".
Barry and Jeff had some hair razing lines on G-Spot. Both guys demonstrated huge skill with ascending and descending the slick rocks and slippery bridges.
Now it's another beautiful 50+ degree day here in Boston - WTF? I have no choice but to ride everyday till this warm weather is gone.

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