Friday, January 13, 2006

Road Warriors

American Way magazine ran a contest for the best road warrior of 2005. Entrants were asked a series of questions about traveling for work; what they did while they were away, what would their ultimate office look like, what was home coming like..and basically describe why they might be the best road warrior of 2005. Also entrants were asked to submit a photo...Well, I didn't know at the time, (or maybe I just wasn't listening, nah..:) Les entered the contest and submitted a photo.
The prize for this contest was a million sky miles on American Airlines! Well, she didn't win but was one of a handful of runners up. The photo was printed along with 10 others in the Dec. 15 addition...not bad out of over 9000 entrants!
The photo was taken while we sat on a picnic table on West bay beach, Rotan Honduras.
Travel is one of the best things in life, another dive vacation may be just around the corner...

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