Sunday, January 15, 2006

wet one

Laying in bed on Saturday morning listening to the rain pour down. I didn't exactly spring in to action like I planned. It's not often I don't feel motivated to ride but this was one of those days. The smell of Lesli brewing java summoned me from the bedroom.
Looking out the window didn't help. Pouring rain. I stepped outside to assess first hand. Still freakishly warm for January in New England. How the hell was it 55 degrees? Don't get me wrong, when paying $2.64 a fucking gallon for heating oil I am not complaining - just concerned that the world may be coming to an end.
In the basement now swapping over tires to the HanVentures. I love these tires. By far the best all around trail tire for rocky technical terrain. Magic rubber compound and round profile coupled with the ramped center lugs hold lines unbelievably.
Still downstairs planning what clothes I was going to get soaking wet in, a couple friends stopped over to meet with my wife Lesli and visit some houses that are on the market. We sat around the kitchen drinking expresso shots and eating corn bread talking about how depressingly-ridiculous the housing market has gotten here and everywhere in Eastern Massachusetts.
Now at two o'clock in the afternoon, with most of the day gone - it was now or never. Geared up and out the door. Gus and I drove up to Gloucester for a loop in Dogtown common. Dogtown is always good when wet. The soil is mostly sand and crushed granite, not much mud. The rain stopped as soon as we hit the trail! Gus (German short-hair pointer) is a great riding companion. A very smart dog that stays close but also gets out of the way when he needs too... I was cruising on a single track (near Spiritual Power) using slick baby heads to redirect my bike like a player uses the cue ball to karem in a game of nine ball. Things got a bit out of control when the trail pitched downhill and I whacked a rock at the wrong angle. As I flew through the air Gus dove in the opposite direction. Good Boy! That's just good instinct.
With an hour spin under my belt decided to tone the pace down and roll back to the car while I was still in one piece.

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