Monday, February 20, 2006

break time

Legs and mind are thrashed. It's great. I have been wondering how many days in a row I could hang and the number is 10. Should really take tomorrow off.

Yesterday's ride was a good one. Got over to the fells for a spin on the White trail. Brings back memories of riding with tattoo Lou and Disco Dave in the early 90's.
I THOUGHT we were out for a light spin on double track but there was nothing light about it..The single track up there is some of the toughest around. Banged around my new xtr cranks. Sure some guy in California owns them for 3 years and doesn't put a scratch on them (or a mile :)) and I scrape them over rocks and saw through logs on the first ride. Need a bash guard for them to preserve the 48 tooth big ring for a while.
My hand is feeling better than I thought it would. Used it to save my face on a fall yesterday. Iced it down for an hour after the ride and then took a boiling hot shower...and beer therapy.

Today's ride was the deciding factor in taking tomorrow off the bike. Spun on the road for twenty minutes and then into Willowdale State forest for some carriage roads..Legs were powerless and burning. Whole body could use a break including my mind. Then it happened, Like any crash sequence, "I was just riding along" in the middle ring on a rutted fire road, the road dipped and took a 90 degree right turn. Got into a bit of rutted ice and over the bars..sailed through the air and slid Pete Rose style. On my back laughing thinking how comfortable It felt with three layers and a helmet, almost curled up to nap.

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