Wednesday, February 22, 2006


A day off the bike was just what the doctor ordered. Got an hour spin on the pain machine this a.m. but all the while itching to get out on the trails instead of spinning in the basement. Some cold-ass temps (20 degrees) kept me inside when all I wanted was to try out a new component on my hard tail..Nothing better than bolting on new gear that improves the ride.
I think the thud-buster will lend it self to epic rides (and maybe the cohutta 100) on the f600. I was able to take it out this afternoon for an hour. Suspension travel is extremely active, very plush. I used a U.S.E post last August at Great Glen to take the edge off but the suspension travel was nothing like the super plush thud buster. Only thing- who's idea was it to call a company that makes aluminum bike components Cane"Creek?"
Work is sending me to Denver for a week in March for a training class. 7am to 3 pm...think I'll have the opportunity to get very lost looking for trails around Aurora Colorado. Good change of scenery and check out some new riding. Altitude training too... - Wonder if that's going to affect me?

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