Saturday, February 25, 2006

Epic in the making

I was able to swapp shifts at work with Wally in order to get an epic ride in with Jeff today. Big storm heading our way that should hit about noon. They say it'll dump 3-5 inches of fluff. Looking to get a 5 or 6 hour rip in to connect up the elusive trails known as the Bay Circuit trail.
Les got her wisdom teeth yanked yesterday. Was super surprised what a tooth pulling factory this oral surgery office was. We walked in, Les was escorted to the dental chair while I read a through one page when the nurse returned to say she was all done! Wow, they knocked her out, ripped 'em out, and then kicked us out! -actually, they were very professional. Les is doing alright, no stitches just a couple holes in her jaw. ice cream therapy thats all.
well, gotto suit up..Whit'll be here soon. 22 degrees out and sunny.

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