Saturday, February 25, 2006


Busy Beavers

I think I'm thawed out from the ride this morning. Took a while to feel my toes again. That's what happens when you dip both feet in a knee high puddle 12 miles from home I guess. Just lucky we decided to turn around at that point. Snow was coming down at an inch an hour...temps were plummeting. Jeff and I were full of power, ready to ride another 30 miles on the Bay Circuit...Apparently not today.

The score:
Bay Circuit 2
riders 0

I have no right complain. It's Feb 25 and we are riding! Just looking for a super-long epic but instead got 2.5H of wheel spin time for a total of 23.5 miles of dirt. Not a bad way to spend the day. Maybe the third attempt to reach Harold Parker State Park will be the epic we are looking for.

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Buddy said...

It is good to know there are other folks that like to get wet when they ride.

Stay dry,