Sunday, February 26, 2006

Steel is Real

A cool event next weekend for those fortunate-enough to be on the west coast of the United States - The Hand built bicycle showcase in San Jose California. Couple of friends are flying out to attend and show off their handy-work. Life long friend and riding compadre' Mr. Daren Mourneau and local bicycle fabricator Christopher Igleheart.
Christopher is a master welder that started out with Fat City back in the early days of mountain bikes. He is best known for his 26" and 29" ridged steel forks and touring bikes that utilize the Rohloff Speed hub.
This beauty is the brainchild of Daren welded by Igleheart. The Wraith is steel baby! Has 4.5 inches of rear travel and a unified rear triangle. Rides best when pointed down hill but can climb and descend on all-day epic rides. Daren has been refining his design over the years and this is the third generation of the Wraith. If all goes well I'll be riding a fourth generation Wraith this summer.

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