Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bruised and battered

Thankfully this is my rest week from the bike cause my body is messed up. Legs are fine, have taken a few high speed crashes on my already sprained left hand. Man, It's been a while since I have ridden so many xc miles...I think that xc crashes are some times worse than falling while hucking off a ten foot boulder...well sometimes.
Was surfing ebay last night looking at lefty forks for my Cannondale f600. I won the F600 in a raffle at last year's 24 H of Great Glen. Never won anything at a raffle before and that was most likely the last time. I like the ride of a steel HT better than an aluminum frame but what can I say, they gave me this f600. Anyway I like the damn thing. After breaking the rear hub, the shifter and wearing out the original drivetrain I have equipped the bike with some new gear. xtr this and sram that, dt hugi and now looking at replacing the painful head shock with a little more coosh. Is this a mistake wanting a lefty? maybe but there's always ebay if I don't like it...

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jeff said...

by the end of this yr there won't be anything original left on that beeyatch. you should just snag an IF steel deluxe off eBay and get back into the HT the way you know you want to! the F600 has served it's purpose.