Thursday, March 02, 2006

new moon ride

Perfect conditions for a night cruise through the fells. One inch of Super-dry powder and deeply-frozen ground set up some amazing ride conditions, and the temps were in the low 30's! Traction was EVERYWHERE. One of those nights that any climb was possible!
Rolled with Jeff and a special guest for the evening was...drum roll pleaseee....Justin Ello! Back from a two year hiatus off the bike. He struggled a bit but fun was had by all. Just hope Ello can walk today...kidding :)
I was a bit nervous for Duke early-on in the ride. Jeff and I had the H.I.D.'s in full effect while Justin's old-school night rider hadnt been lit in a while. He played it safe with the torch on low but seeing the dull orange beam made me nervous that it was going to die in the first 15 minutes of our ride. Lucky for him, and us it lasted the entire ride with light to spare.
Man, this easy week of biking has really gotten me fired up to rip again. Body and mind are feeling refreshed. The rest has worked wonders for what feels like my 90 year-old arthritic hand.

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