Saturday, March 04, 2006

Christmas in March

Oh yeah..REI dividend check time. It arrived yesterday in the mail and instantly burned a hole in my pocket - now it's history. Picked up some nice bike schwag with the 1% kick back from my REI Visa.
I can stop borrowing Jeff's neoprene booties now that I'm set with a fancy pair of Sugoi's like the stolen credit card commercial with the Al Bundy like character...He is sitting in his living room, as he opens his mouth to speak his voice is replaced with a cute-ditzy girl voice..."Fifteen hundred for a leather bustier?? I didn't care, it wasn't my money...Well, the sugoi covers were $50...They're sweet but fifty bucks sweet...I think not. Unless it's dividend time baby!
Also picked up a sweet floor pump, mtb gloves and a HRM. I love REI dividend time. Best $15 membership I have ever purchased.

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