Sunday, March 05, 2006


Back on a road bike for the first time in a decade. Justin you rock for letting me borrow this ride! (I can't promise that I'll ever give it back). Reynolds 853 steel frame was smooth as butter on the Suburban streets of Boston. I can't say enough about the ride quality of this now classic ride. Supple through the potholes and street hazards while feeling extremely stable on fast sections and down hills. Not exactly a snappy feel but a great training machine. What a way to spend a perfect-weather day in March. Stiff head wind on the way out but my legs needed a beating today.
I do however need to bring more water next time out on the road...I figured we were out for a 30 mile spin and it turned into 55. Should have known better. Next time I'll wear a camel back, just way easier to drink if the tube is right there staring you in the face.
Jeff was on fire after waking up his legs on the second half of the ride. The dude put in a tough week on the saddle and almost called to cancel today's ride. Glad he didn't.


Jason said...

Buddy of mine had that same Lemon 'till he shashed it up last year. Now he's rolling a Surly. JM

Andy said...

sour! Not surprising he stuck with a steel frame. Ride'em for years and years or untill some fool in a car tags you.