Saturday, February 18, 2006

Greenwood Ave

"Are we there yet??"

Got a good technical trail ride with Jeff and of course..Bronte and Gus today. Was a great change of pace to be on the dual squishy as opposed to the h.t. - getting quite accustomed to my hard tail though..Almost took it to the trail today but glad I didn't. Was defiantly a dual suspension ride.
No messing around on the trail. We got in and out in just over two hours. No technicals, break downs, injuries. Just good'o fashion ass-kickin riding. Here's a movie of Jeff hitting a new line.

We were in and out'a the trail so quick that I got a few things checked off the "hunny-do list".
Number one on the list: take down the Christmas lights..oh yeah, they were still up!

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