Friday, February 17, 2006

Solid week

Aahhh. I sit here on Friday night with beer in hand thoroughly satisfied with riding progress this week. Got into a routine of waking early to spin on the trainer. I'm starting to enjoy the trainer...but,maybe that's the beer talking.
Warm weather melted the 18 inches of snow we received last Sunday. That, coupled with early sunrise allowed me two extended road loops. Made mention to Brad a few weeks ago I was training for this season, his only comment was "wait till you start biking multiple times per day". Well, it happened Wednesday an Thursday this week. This morning I followed the routine that's been working for me, caffeine on the trainer while watching the six a.m. news. Spun up the 30 year old Schwinn trainer for 45 minutes. Then went upstairs for more water and maybe some oats - looked outside at the thermometer.. 50 degrees? What the hell am I indoors for?
Quickly returned to the basement to get suited in the proper gear for such mild temps. Hit the road on the F600 for a two hour spin up through Ipswich and Rowley. Made the mistake of peddling up rt. 1A in heavy commuter traffic. An evil- smelling trash truck almost took out my spandex clad ass...I think he was playing a sick game of kill the dude on the bike. Way too close as he rocketed past me.

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