Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lots of melting = big puddles

Yesterdays road rip was wet and salty. 50 degrees and sunny. The snow is melting rapidly but still too much of it to get into the woods. I hit the road for a loop around the Bay Circuit trails. Get to know the roads around Boxford so when I pop out'a the woods things might just look familiar. Legs are feeling great. Almost too fresh. I'll need to punish them today and see if they rebound.
Looks like mother nature is going to hammer away at the snow level in the woods. Warm weather is predicted for today and tomorrow with rain showers Friday..Yeah yeah! Then arctic air moving in this weekend...Might be time to wipe off two months of dust from the hakka's and mount the studded tires for some trail riding this weekend.

Parts are starting to arrive for the race rig. Nabbed a sweeet pair of 2002 xtr cranks w/bb from a Doctor in California on eBay. Doesn't appear they were ever ridden! Drivetrain parts should be in soon..After my deore rear shifter disintegrated on the trail last weekend time was right to swap my shimano components for Sram . Ordered up x.7 shifters and x.9 rear derailleur. Didn't see the need to go all out for the X.0 group. (hope I made the right choice)

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