Thursday, March 23, 2006

Triple double

Stayed out late last evening in town. When into Cambrige for a helping of culture at Zero Arrow . Turns out we were a week early for the opening of les' Uncle's opening night...Whoops. A quote from Lesli, "Oh,.. by Next Wednesday he must have meant NEXT WEDNESDAY!"
Dragging a bit this morning..I can tell because the three double expresso shots I have ingested haven't worked their magic..I think four might cause a permanent irregular heartbeat.

Huge weekend plans for a road epic. Four or five of us are setting out to ride from Medford to Mt. Wachusett and back. Should be a solid 8 hours of riding...Probably at least three hours of pain. Maybe we'll just end up here and call one of our wives for a ride home?


jeff said...

aren't you glad i called you like at 715a this morning!?

Andy said...

Let me think...oh yeah, you were on your seventh cup of java and I was sipping my first taste of caffine...what did we talk about again?