Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hammer toe cure ?

These Lake 101's are some sweet kicks for the money. Semi flexible sole with vibram boot bottoms for smearing granite boulders and available in xx wide for people with Fred Flintstone feet (like mine).

Why doesn't Lake go the extra mile and include a decent foot bed. I mean really, look at the flimsy, paper thin foot bed I have been peddling on for a year...

Will my cool new orange Shock Doctor Ultra's help with foot discomfort on those looong rides or did I get ripped off?


Jason said...

Good luck with the toe.

Andy said...

oh yeah, the feet were happy as can be. Having my arches supported took some pressure off the balls of my feet and helped with my hammer toe condition. The foot beds felt like they gave me more power pushing with my whole foot, centering with my arch not just the ball of my feet.