Sunday, March 26, 2006


Saturday's road century was a success in a few different ways. The biggest achievement for me being that I didn't bonk or break down (body or machine) at all! I felt the balls 100% of the time. The first 40 miles absolutely flew by..The five of us (Jeff, John, Rob, Brad and I) worked as a team in a revolving paceline to average 22 + mph. The paceline got a bit sketchy when the road skinnied-up but we all respected the elevated danger level by concentrating on staying tight and inline (and out of the sand and potholes). We reached our first destination (Rob's mom's house) in just over two hours. There, we took on water and food, but couldn't stand around too long, temps were falling and had to get back underway.
We pushed on for the summit of wah o wah chusett. Was about 15 or 18 miles from The Follansbee's farm house. Brad ran into some leg cramps and general bonk issues shortly after leaving the farm house. Knowing Brad was in trouble, Rob sacrificed his ride to the top of Wa-Wa to lead Bev to warmth and food back at his parents home. While climbing the sort hills on our way up to Wachusett Jeff and Hurley had a break-away that I just couldn't reel-in. I was able to keep those animals in sight while standing on the climbs and trying to squeeze power out'a da legs. They slowed so I could catch-up and the three of us turned onto Mt Wachusett auto road. Our quest for the summit was foiled by man-made snow a half mile up the auto-road..looked like great spring skiing though! We touched the snow signifying that we toped-out on our Wachusett ascent and headed back to base camp (Follansbee Farmhouse)
Heading back was 90% downhill - max speed was 45.5mph. Good stuff! Tearing down the hills we had climbed.
The group was re-united at the FF. Loaded up with more water and mixed a couple new bottles of Hammer perpetuem (that magic potion rocks!). Lightened my backpack a bit by eating just about everything I had carried on my back, turkey sandwich, couple bananas, Jen Whittinghams kick-ass molasses cookies.
Rob, Jeff, and John broke ahead and rocketed the 40 miles home as I stayed back with Brad. The brother was running in survival mode as we cruised comfortably home to Medfah.

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Jason said...

Sound like a great ride! Perpetuem does rock. When I first tasted it I thought it tasted like dish water. Realized I needed to add a little more to achieve a good flavor. I need to order some up PDQ for the seaon. Later.