Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paste-y legs

Got out this afternoon for the first shorts ride of the year. 50 degrees and sunny when I left but when the sun dipped below the trees the air got down right chilly. Legs turned a deep shade of pink and goose bumps rose up the size of nipples. Just had to get that first shorts ride in!

Noticed during the first climb that my head shock had burped out all the air in the shock and was bottomed out. Don't know if I have destroyed the shock yet. It did lock out quite nicely for the remainder of the loop - leads me to believe that the oil side of the shock is intact.. Lock-out on the up hills is great but not so on the down side. Good thing the dirt is squishy.
new grips made the downhills more comfortable. Instead of wrapping my knuckles around conventional round grips, these cater to the palms and take forces off my damaged wrists. I'm searching for a version of ergo grip that is a bit lighter...These MR1's weigh in. Don't want to be too weight conscious when building my new ride but need to find a pair that doesn't add 200 grams to the front end.


Jason said...

My legs are so white they now glow and I've officialy lost ALL of my biker/farmer tan lines from last year.I'm almost as pale as my red-haired wife and son. Think spring! Later.

wraith said...

those grips look like you took them off your grandma's walker. But who am I to judge I had then 10 years ago.

Andy said...

That's my Grandma's secret for keeping her pimp hand strong.