Friday, April 07, 2006


It's good to see Daren is using his new computer and battling it out with I know you can solve this p/w problem, question is do I want you commenting on everything I do and say? Yes, It'll be fun. The computer seems to be winning at this point but I know you'll prevail brother! Blogging is right up your alley - you have a lot of good ideas and strong opinions.

Had some caffeine with Christopher at his shop bright and early this morning. He got a bunch more done on my ride yesterday. The BB junction looks phenomenal!
This bike rocks! I didn't think I'd ever get so excited about a hardtail. I had given up on hardtails back 6 years ago when I sold my beloved I.F. for a Santa Cruz bullet. (Ahh, the quality of a 1 mega pixel camera from the year 1999).
rear stays were shortened from 16.75 inches down to around 16.625 inches. Man I wish every one used the metric system then I could just say they were shortened to 42.2 cm..I guess equally confusing. Anyway, the front end will be easy to pick up and wheelie off rocks.

Love these drop-outs now that Christopher has welded and blended them with the chainstays. Next up...Seat stays!

Christopher still has some work ahead on this build, but almost in the home stretch! When I left he was bending the seatstays and fitting them to the backend of the frame.

I know what my wife lesli is's just a bike?

Anyway, My friends Mark and Julie are equally excited (if not more, duh?) about the birth of their first child coming early next week. Just shot an email out to Dirks down in Tennessee to see how Jules is doing and the due date is Monday. Good luck and we'll be thinking of you.

Also thinking about Mr Whittingham as he'll undoubtedly kick ass at the sea otter classic on the west coast. That dude has spent almost as much time on a plane this week as on the saddle. Good luck to you Jeff and bring home gold! Or golden legs for the cohutta in two weeks.

Almost beer time.


JB said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet bike!

What's the final color?

Andy said...

Orange with blue decals.

The final color WAS going to be wildly flashy...
but I opted for a more subtle finish.

Andy said...


Jason said...

Dude, bike gonna be sweet!
Must be cool seeing it get built up.

Tech tips from J.B.? Good move. Dude rides with more elctronic equipment on himethan anyone I know! (Just kidding J.B.!)


jeff said...

So, is it gonna be ready for the cohutta!?!?!? looks like frame will be, but will it be painted in time... i pick-up my steel deluxe tomorrow!!!!!

Andy said...

sweet! We having a building party??