Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Birth of a frame

Mr. Christopher Igleheart called this morning with some good news.

Tubes are in and cut! I couldn't wait to get my oily finger prints all over them!

Picked out some burley drop-outs and stout chain stays (mmm...Stout)

Christopher drilling holes in my down tube for water bottle bolts

This is Christopher marking where the bottle holes are located. Real scientific measurements. He mocked up the front triangle, took a quick look - and then put two marks. He said the bottle holes on the seat tube were more critical due to the front deraileur clamp but the location for holes on the down tube was more flexible.

Front triangle is look'in sweet. Tubes fit together nice and tight! A little more cutting for the BB, bend up the seat stays and then time for Christopher to do his thing and weld some perfect beads. After spending an hour at Igleheart's shop (drooling over my new ride) it was time to get out of his way and let the man get back to work.


jeff said...

dude, this is the shit. the birth of a custom frame!

wraith said...


wraith said...

I guess I'm back, and have no idea how.