Monday, April 03, 2006

Dog blog

Loving the F100x! Went back out this afternoon for the third ride on that magical component. The inertia valve is freekin incredible, great for out of the saddle climbing. Like an auto lock-out! Enduro seals on order to remedy the slight oil seepage and hopefully make the fork bullet proof for a season's worth of riding. Four inches of travel combined with the instant lock-out inertia valve is going to be a valuable weapon for epic rides this year.

Yesterday I went out for a solo Kahuna on the H/T and made it to G-spot before the rocky terrain and constant beating turned me to the road for a ten mile spin home. Was a great three hour trail ride till my my knee took a shot I won't soon forget. Smacked it into the stem like NEVER before. Good for me there were no fellow riders near as I shouted a few choice words and watched my knee turn purple. I showed it to my wife when I returned and she thought I should go to the hospital. Instead I iced the piss out of it and this morning it was feeling much better. Thought for sure I'd chipped my knee cap but don't feel anything floating around in there. Got me thinking about the ball frog I had on my Gary Fisher Excalliber back in 1997...What did I do with that thing?
What we need is a yellow lab to round this crew out. What am I saying? three is enough! Bronte is quite happy here on the ranch. She has fallen into her routine, or maybe we have adjusted to hers. Les and I are dog-sitting while Jeff and Jen are down in sun country.
Bronte is the only dog I have ever known that can tell's like she can read the clock! At exactly 5:06 am she wakes Lesli and I up for her morning feed..maybe we'll luck out tomorrow morning and she'll be fooled again by the day light saving time change.


jeff said...

you guys are the bomb for dealing with our dog (who's just as crazy as we are). maybe someday we can make-up all the hrs of missed sleep... is it weird that i miss my dog? even if she's a freak?

Andy said...

She's got personality and super easy to deal with. I'm sure she misses you guys too.

::KIMOZABEACH:: said...

Nice dogs!
Good luck!