Saturday, April 01, 2006


It occurred to me recently that I have some damn fine friends and owe a few of them thanks for favors they have done for me.
In no order, big props go out to Justin for lending me his Lemond Buenos Aires. I know I have thanked him numerous times, thanks again. The road bike has added to the bike training and has reminded me that road biking is enjoyable..Not as fun as trail riding but close.
Next up is Daren..that dude did me a huge solid today by driving down from NH with my new fork! The head shock went up in smoke a couple few days ago and the opportunity came up to buy his fox F100x. You rock! Can't wait to do some riding with you brother.
Thank you Jamie. I always seem to bust into the shop at the worst times with crazy bike problems. At noon today I monopolized half your shop, taking control of a work stand and many tools attempting to cobble together yet another strange bike fix. Without your help today I wouldn't be riding tomorrow.
Last up, Thanks to the creators of MXC on Spike tv. Just watched an episode in which contestants had to run up hill in a fenced in "hallway" (for lack of a better term) while huge Indiana Jones style boulders rolled down on them. - Thats some good TV.


JB said...

Don't know if you saw the report of that double Jeff was thinking of doing, but it's up on the UMCA site. Looks like a freakin' brutal epic. Typical UMCA event. Classic, with almost as many organizers as riders. I can't figure out why more people don't do these. Well in this case I can....18 degrees. yeeesh


Andy said...

That would have been a good one! The event fell on the day I returned from Colordao and didn't have time to get to the start from the airport...(that's my excuse and I'm stickin to it!) I read the report, Brutal is an understatement.
Hope your recovery is progressing nicely and you get back to what you ride!