Saturday, April 01, 2006

Accidental Epic

Yesterday morning was too good not to ride. Geared up at 6:00am for what I thought was going to be an hour and a half road ride through Boxford but I just kept going. Temps at the start were brisk but comfortable in long sleeves. Had a plan to start the ride through Topsfield and head over to an old riding spot (Bald hill res.) that I hadn't ridden in years. Found a SWEET short-cut off Pekin's row that sent me right into Topsfield and hit some hills on Prospect street.
Now passed Bald hill my plan was to take a right and loop back through IPS but these back country roads just wanted to be ridden! Had the MP3 flowing, sun was warming the air every passing minute, the views of vast farmer's fields and rolling hills. I just kept peddling..Hammering accually. All the while on Middle rd in west Boxford through Groveland and into West Newbury I was passed by no more than 20 cars. Looped it back on 1A, the sea breeze was great around the Parker River. Looking at my watch at that point thinking I was way late for work! Put the hammer down and was in the pain cave for an hour averaging in the low 20's with little headwind.
My only mistake this day was not packing food of any kind and only two bottles of water. Lesson learned; never know when an epic could strike! Worked out ok, I rationed my water and the sirloin steak and FF that I'd eaten for dinner the night before got me through.
48 miles. 19.4 average 2H 30M

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