Sunday, June 25, 2006

Freaky weather weekend.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty right?...maybe next time I'm faced with a weather related decision to ride or not to ride I should just go for it and hope for the best. Turns out I could have gotten away with the northern epic but who knows? Went with a gut decision...was probably for the best.
Anyway, we laid down a good loop today (in the warm sun under blue skies!!)...woke up with my head ringing at the crack of dawn with a slight hang-over and music stuck in my head from last night's bar-room concert. Les and I had a good time listening to some rockin tunes and ejoyed great food. Thankfully I was alternating between beer, water, beer after 11:00pm.
This a.m. I packed up the subbie and drove an hour and a half north through rain and fog to Brad's near Wolfborow NH. 15 minutes from Bev's house the clouds burned off and the sun beamed down! Whoo hoo!
Our ride got underway at 9:30 after filling some bottles with S.E. and lime Heed..I set Brad up with some of the frothy potion. Three scoops S.E. and 2 heed is quite tasty...milkshake like, best when chased with water for sure.
Roads were busy but in good shape for the most part. Couple helmetless NH motor cyclists thought it would be cool to hammer the throttle and show off their loud pipes as they blasted past. Brad had a good come back to a guy in a lifted F250. He roared past with just a trailer in tow (no boat, just trailer) and pinned the throttle 2 feet from Brad...Bev raises his hand and displays a one inch gap between his thumb and forefinger referring to the size of the driver's penis...good one Brad...the driver definently saw him.

Best part of the ride: rt 11b. Climb to Gunstock ski hill and the halfway point in the ride. I had my heartrate pinned in the 180's for miles and some how it felt good?

That's about when a song came into my head, part of a song. Iron Maiden - run to the hills. Never been much of a Maiden fan, just like when the lead guy screams "Run to the for your lives! I was going to figure out how to embed the song in the blog but that's just a bit overboard.

64 miles in 3:27. few good climbs, fast decents. Average 18.5, max 41mph. good ride for both of us.


jeff said...

i'm stuck at a wedding and you guys bust-out the lake loop!? bastards.

Andy said...

what? we were the ones suffering. Sweating and workin it on the road while you and the mrs. were dancing the night away & feasting on prime rib and wedding cake.

We'll get up there before too long...I have my eye on a couple good road loops with some long climbing sections.

Where's wraith with the three day epic plans?

IF Chicks said...

Always follow gut instincts...
sounds like you salvaged weekend with sunday loop.

Jason said...

Now your got me walking around the house singing RRRRRRRUUUUNNNN to the HILLLLLLLS.... RUUUUNNNNN FFFFFFFOORRRR YOURRRRR LIIII-I-I-IVES.

Sounds like a good loop. jm

Andy said...

great song to road bike by...maybe I'll have to dust off the heavy metal CD's and burn'em into my mp3 player.