Saturday, June 24, 2006


Rain, rain, go away

I had to skip the road epic due to heavy rain. Not exactly over-joyed with the current weather situation here in the north-east. Looking out the window I see sheets of water falling from the sky. A road loop is not out of the question but should be. My mother was elated to hear I was canceling the trek up to camp. She could relax knowing I wouldn't be a road pizza somewhere on rt 236 in Maine.
Instead, here I sit infront of my computer, with two bored dogs at my feet, drinking massive amounts of caffeine attempting to kick-start my somber mood.
Hoping Sunday is a little better than today, but weather predictions say otherwise. Tentative plan is to drive north and hook up with Brad for a soggy loop 'round the's always more fun to ride in the rain with someone else and share the suffering.


Jason said...

Sorry man, the weather in the Mid Atlantic and East Coast has sucked the hairy one this summer so far. Maybe July will step up with some dryness. Good luck. JM

IF Chicks said...

Sorry your big ride got rained out...hope today is working out better. Isn't it funny our moms still worry about us wandering around on bike ? :)

Andy said...

sorry YOUR epic to Ipswich from Arlington ride got rained-out...I'd like to attend if you re-schedule...or maybe you and your buds want to ride a kahuna in the future?

hey, what happened to Kingdom trails this weekend?

IF Chicks said...

What is a kahuna ?? KT was awesome day, 25+ miles all ss, no rain, perfect day, felt good. We'll alert you to any crazy BCT action.