Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Northern road epic

Getting geared up for 'solo epic Saturday'. 100 miles of road grinding. Meeting Lesli at my parents camp near Mt. Chocorua for a night of relaxation after what I hope is an epic day in the saddle.
Merlin needs a touch of maintenance before I hit the road, new rear tire, new brake pads..plan on packing a spare tube, tire, tools, water,food and a spare shirt, rain gear...but going pretty light. Got my GPS loaded with waypoints and printed maps on some cool water-proof paper just incase technology fails me.

Being a solo effort, conservative route to the north-country is the way to go. Starting at sea-level and cruising up the coast (rt1a) for 40 miles to Kittery Maine..turning inland on rt 236 (sea to summit triathlon route) to Berwick, Lebanon, and Wakefield NH. Then the final 20 miles on good 'ol sucky rt 16.

I'll have the option to ride up rt 153 through Effingham and eliminate the 20 mile stretch of rt 16 (just cause I like the name f'n ham!) Hope the weather holds out and I have time. I'd much rather stay off rt 16 if I can.

Rain predicted for Sunday therefore a round trip is doubtful but let's see how the legs feel!

Checking the road loops up north has gotten me fired up for more road epics and hopefully some group road rides with Jeff, Brad, Ken and Daren.. Might be a bit too late for Hulrey to join in, Good luck with life out west and your new job engineering slot we'll hear that you've struck it rich with the one-armed bandits right?
The mountain roads through Effingham, Parsonsfield, and Cornish look like fun (and pain)
Hope to get up there for a big loop this summer.

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tizzom said...

Nice... That should be a FUN ride!