Thursday, September 28, 2006

ECV cross practice

So, I had my first go at Cyclo-cross last night. Way different than endurance mtb! ECV practices cross on Wednesday nights about a mile from my house so I spun over to watch and learn a few things. Jesse Anthony and Lyne Bessette along with Paul Boudreau with ECV heading up the practice. Who better to learn from than a couple of pro's?
I stood out like a sore thumb on my rigid mountain bike among 30 others on their 'cross bikes - but it did the trick. The guys and girls from ECV and a few other teams welcomed me into their practice session happily.
I knew a few guys from CCB - Andy and Sean and a fellow Igleheart rider, Glen Cook showed me some pointers. We did some laps around the 1.5 mile course that ECV had set up. Ran some drills to practice dismounting/mounting while jumping over 12 inch barriers. Last we practiced sprint starts on asphalt for 90 meters. Almost puked riding home after 3 or 4 of the high speed sprints. In all a great experience, glad I went over...I have a much better understanding of what 'cross is all about.


IF Chicks said...

Neat that one mile from home, you get a top notch cross practice. Sooo when's the first race on the
rigid Iglemonster ????

John Hurley said...

"Way different than endurance mtb!"
That's for sure....go 200% from the gun and try to hold on till the end....not a great technique for an endurance event.