Sunday, October 01, 2006

Zero yard work accomplished

Woke up at the crack of dawn to get a not so sloppy hour of riding on my rigid Igleheart (I nicknamed the boneshaker) before the rain moved in this morning. Started to pour around 9am and don't think it stopped all day. I wouldn't know...between answering pages from work and watching the Pat's kill the Bengales. I haven't been off the couch since returning from the woods.
No guilt. I got a good hard effort in with CCB yesterday. A large group of us left Topsfield and headed north to points unknown, to me at least. I'm still new to their club and don't know the routes, or the guys all that well. I did see a 'Plastow 2 mi' sign about the time we turned around to head back on our 70mi loop.
The back roads of northeast Massachusetts and southern NH in late September make for the perfect setting for a group ride. Cool weather brought out the long sleeves and wind vests, the colors of changing season were all around us. Small rolling climbs and open fields. Friendly conversation. Was all about getting familiar with personalities and abilities and tendencies of people I hardly know but they know well. In all a great ride and I didn't get spoken to or yelled at once! Although Pucci wasn't there. kidding!
Near the end my legs were twitching to sprint - so I mixed it up with a fior di fruitta rider on a few hard pulls. That coupled with my 6 mile cool-down spin home was the icing on the cake. Thanks for the ride ccb.

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