Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do Over!

Like when you were twelve years old playing kickball. Your friend rolls the red jelly ball toward you at home plate. As you step up to plant it over the fence you accidentally take your eyes off the bouncing ball for a split second and Whifff !! like Charlie Brown getting owned by that bitch Lucy. What does a twelve year old exclaim? "Do Over!" After all, there's no strike count in kick ball.

Jeff came up to the north shore last evening amidst his busy daddy schedule to check out the ECV 'cross practice. We suited up at my house and rolled over to the trails on my usual warm-up pace. (I now see fault with warming up at high intensity). After a one mile asphalt sprint we rode a short piece of trail and met up with 30 'cross riders on their practice laps.
Thinking my legs are ready to dismount and jump a barrier I unclipped, cross my right leg over the top tube and awkwardly step over the off chamber and up hill barrier and wham! Pain. lots of shooting pain near groin muscles. Almost went to the ground. Looking up the hill and there are a dozen riders watching my stumble up the embankment. I want, no, I NEED a do over!
Stand on top of the hill like nothing is Wrong but there is. I tell Jeff, "pulled my leg" but meant my leg is on f*#kin fire! Not saying much else I roll with my tail between my legs into the single track to maybe spin out the pain. I put power to the pedals and the engine room instinctively shuts down. Not good.
I don't want to waste Jeff's time out here, time is a precious commodity for a new father.. so I tell him to do some laps while try and work out what I hope is just a massive cramp and not a torn muscle. Jeff's not buying what I'm selling, he's a good friend (the best actually) and won't leave. We spin a slow lap and my leg feels better, then to add insult to injury- I get a flat. Nice. My only reaction is to laugh as I limp a mile down the trail to my spare tube.

It's probably important to remember that I'm not super human. Just haven't been near kryptonite in a while. I spent the evening on the couch with various bags of frozen veggies stuffed where they don't belong.

btw, had no idea this existed. I think they need a "do over"


IF Chicks said...

Hey...wait for a real cross race to mess your self up, not practice !

wraith said...

frozen beans?

Andy said...

mixed stir fry and a pack of turkey dogs

wraith said...

I was thinking of the end result not the journey.