Monday, September 18, 2006


One of the last great weekends for summer '06. Did it up right with a surprise Birthday Bash for my wife Lesli. Yes, she was surprised. I was fearful a month ago when picking the date..was the weather going to cooperate or was it going to be 55 and raining?
Here is Chef Matt placing the finish touches before we torture the little guys.

Thanks to the Puleo's for loaning me their giant Lobster cooker! This is the only way to cook! Put all ingredients in a huge stainless steel bowl, cover with tin-foil, light the flame and crack a cold beer - An hour and a half later serve to a couple dozen friends.

Smells ready!

Put on your bib, it's time to get messy!

And Messy we got! There is no clean way to eat Lobster...I guess a lobster roll, but not quite as fun as ripping the lobster body apart and sucking every last bit of meat out of the legs and claws is how to enjoy crustations.

We ate for hours and then relaxed on the deck as people said their goodbyes. It was great seeing Donna and Nick again. I know we have met a few times in Westfield at family reunions. Donna is my great cousin...Let's see how that works, my great grandmother's - sister's - daughter. I guess people come out of the wood work when they hear lobster bake! I'm kidding of coarse Donna. Hope to see you and Nick again soon.

Taylor, Kyle and Mason on the trampoline. When I heard "More Mud!" I went over to investigate but my presence with the camera only encouraged them to throw more globs of mud on the tramp and get dirtier.

nothing like kids being kids - coming from a guy that still gets this dirty.

Thanks for a good laugh Taylor, but I don't think Lianne enjoyed doing the laundry the next morning. :-o


wraith said...

define kids? because I was thinking... What an awesome idea! Mud makes everything more fun. Also being a life long friend I'm disappointed not to see you imbibe your way onto that thing.

Andy said...

oh trust me, I have bounced around on the tramp many a cook-out, just without the mud!
Now when you say life long friend, we met in there was a good four year period of time that I didn't know you right??