Tuesday, September 19, 2006

why no discs?

I don't have big bucks to spend on a sport that I know little about. 'Cross has always seemed like a strange off shoot to me, not road biking but more so than mountain biking. Racing around in a park? Dis-mounting, mounting, dropbars, shouldering the bike, running, running? My legs? I have not used those running muscles in a year...shit, do I really want to do this?
Just need a way to keep a high level of activity through the fall. Not only to hang on to fitness but I've grown to like my 4000 calorie/day diet. Wanted to convert the Igleheart frame, yeah- Chrostopher built the rear stay bridge up and out of the way to accept 700c wheels...just need a ridgid fork..and whalla, cyclo-cross...kinda. But then I hear that the UCI has a rule concerning disc brakes? Gotta have canti's? Seems a little old fashion.
I have a book titled, Cyclo-cross training and technique by Simon Burney...my Mom gave it to me about 15 years ago. Maybe I give it a read now.


IF Chicks said...

I think the UCI disc brake rule refers to elite men and women (you need a UCI license)..B Men might be ok, but I could be wrong.

you have to race gloucester !


John Hurley said...

Definately race Gloucester. It was my first, and second cross race ever.

I just sold my cross bike but plan on doing the series they have out here on my Titus...should be interesting.

Tip: Hold the bike however works best (you don't need to put it on your shoulder) and make sure you set it down softly or else you'll be wasting time putting your chain back on.

Andy said...

Thanks for the tips. Maybe I will give this a shot.

rick said...

yeah, i'm pretty sure it only affects elites. b's and c's can use disc.

wraith said...

I'm pretty sure you need to use toe clips w/straps,threaded head set and no more then a five speed cassette... This is bullshit! Don't they only make you go slower anyway? It's not like you want to use a squishy bike to spank the field.