Monday, October 23, 2006


Whole lot'a fun riding lately. End of race season and just the beginning of fun season. Couple few night rides with the big bike crew have taught me that I have totally forgotten how to ride my 5 inch travel bike. Feels very disconnected and sloppy, not to mention I can't climb to save my life on the dual squishy right now. Have to work on getting reacquainted with the plush ride because it would be suicide to try and keep up with Roger and Barry on my hardtail. I also forgot how to set up the dually...overinflated the hell out of the rear tire and rear shock and spent much of the night bouncing about the trail with little traction.
Sunday I went back to the hardtail for simplicity and to get a decent 90 minute spin around the Fells with Jeff. Did however try something new and ran a 2.4 specialized 2bliss (miracle tire) on the front. Huge air volume and soft rubber compound held lines superbly on the rock strewn trails in Med'fa. Jeff and I did some 'old school style' riding on Sunday - a mix of trials and xc. The kind of shit the old crew would ride in Lynn woods in our early twenties. Balancing while riding fallen tree trunks and jumping logs. Took me twelve attempts to ride a thirty foot log before cleaning it. Jeff got it on his fifth try, bastard.
Thanks again George for kicking me a selection of rubba. u da man.
Now for a small rant session... Was surfing the usual sites (not THOSE sites) looking for components for next years race bike and was astonished by some of the retail prices. Who has $630 for a freekin crankset that's going to last one season? They're purdy and all, might have to rob a bank for next year's build.


Jason said...

Agreed on those prices, just sick. That's why I just stick with the XT Shimano wise. I liked the RaceFace Deuse, but the out board bearings went fast on me, so I stick with the XT now.

Get the XTR and then get the almost $1,000 Pace carbon fork too. YIKE$!!!


John Hurley said...

Can't agree with you more on $.
That's why i got the RacerX "used"

I'm amazed how many people are selling hardly used parts, less than a few months old, for nearly half of retail.

wraith said...

The sickest part is we all lust after them!

jeff said...

thank god people sell barely used parts - my bike is 90% those parts!

JB said...

There's only one problem with that 2.4 2bliss - It won't fit in my roof rack.

Traction galore though. Looks like a dam motocross tire.