Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Equally stinky situations

We could have sucked it up and suffered for another week but last night proved to be the night that winter officially started. Lesli and I in our usual spot, on the couch watching tv under a couple blankets. Cold night, raining buckets outside. Lesli got up and I knew what she was up to as she walked to the hall. I didn't put up much of a fight. "Can't we just wait a couple more days?" I quietly said and waited for a response, heard the click of the oil burner coming to life. Shit, the l-o-n-g and painful oil season is upon us.
Not going to be quite as bad as last year cause I 'locked in' an oil price. Turns out that sucks.

On a better note, been getting some morning rides in with Igleheart. Got a nice 10 mile singletrackk loop at Bradley Palmer that I hit a few times a week. First ride thru brickends Farm, where they process, well...shit. Big piles of poop. Some days it's pretty overwhelming, other morning I enjoy the mild smell of cow manure. Christopher says it reminds him of England.
I've been riding a rigid fork for a couple weeks now with a big 'ol fat tubeless front tire and have grown to like the precision. Maybe not when the ground freezes and the ride becomes more harsh but for right now feels the ballz. Chris built it to be 80mm adjusted, I ran a 100mm fork all year. Turns out the fox 100mm was way wrong for the frame and the 80mm puts me in a much better position to climb and lowers the BB height to 12.5...I was up above 13 inches with the four inch fork.

One last decision; to race or not to race this weekend? Maybe.

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