Monday, October 16, 2006

Kahuna !

Bring out your big bike, fat tires and full faced helmets!

Mother nature created these trails with mountainbiking in mind. I thank her for the rocky terrain that we punish our selves on regularly. 71 north shore riders came out to celebrate the comming of fall on Seaside's annual Kahuna ride. It was great to ride with guys that I haven't seen since last year's kahuna.

Our four person group held a good pace the entire 6 hours to cover the 25 miles of singletrack.
For you racers out there that's 4.1 mph! And that was quick.

Daren had an impressively strong day in the saddle on his 35 pound steel Wraith with 2.5 inch knobbies.
Running out of pedal power in B+T's with only food and beer on our minds at this point. Headed straight to Lobst'a Land where organizers had planned a buffet of burgers, haddock and tatonka fingers!
Looking forward to a double Kahuna on Nov. 24th!


IF Chicks said...

looks like fun.. i can't imagine 71 people for a ride. What is a double kahuna..50 miles ????? :)

jeff said...

the double kahuna is a death march,
preferably held in poor conditions,
with a btl of white gas.

John Hurley said...

death march alright...
20 degree temps
Bikes icing up
Back aching from doing it on a hard tail.

Can't wait to do it again.

Andy said...

A few people that didn't ride Kahuna are planning a Double K this sat 10/21