Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little sign language

Woke up a bit late this morning for the scheduled ride with a few die hard riders. A die-hard rider is defined as any person who does not take into account adverse weather conditions when making the decision to ride. I was in the company of precisely three of this kind at 7:00am. High five boys. Thanks for a good ride Christopher, Jon and Sean...lets do it again Friday, even if it's sunny and 60 degrees.
Making planz for the weekend...pretty soggy for the final weekend at Highland Bike Park. I'm thinking they'll be closed due to poor conditions but am holding out hope that the lift will be running.
Saturday, the Plymouth race looks good. I have been dragging my feet with ordering cross wheels and tires so will be racing with my mtb wheels again. Don't think that a 700c wheel would help me out all that much anywhoo. May do the C and B race just to get a good effort in.
Couple more hand gestures for the blog world tonight...
A big Thumbs Up to Verizon for their kick butt fios internet service.
In an effort to save us some cashola Lesli did a little surfing on the issue of consolidating phone/internet/cable. Bye bye to comcast cable and hello to verizon. Free install of the fiberoptic cable, controller box thing, free wifi router (too bad we had one), fiberoptic phone battery back up(for when we lose power the phone will continue to work for 6 hours), and they re-wired our house with new coax and cat5...guy was here for 12 hours yesterday getting everything nailed down. I realize they'll get us in the long run, but till we receive the bill I gotta take them for their word for free installation. Best part is the speed of the connection...Blazing fast. We had DSL for years and this is easily 5 times quicker.
To conclude this post... This one's for you... Aetna Health Care. I won't get too far into it... but lets just say as a long time customer I am less than satisfied with your customer service and billing practices. Open enrollment right around the corner...couldn't be soon enough.


jeff said...

think they got that FIOS internet in backwoods VT?

everyone we know is a die-hard! i guess that's why we're "normal" compared to our peers, eh?

IF Chicks said...

I am picking up my 700cc cross bike tonight (will race on bigger wheels), so if you want to borrow my skinny 26" tires again let me know. I will be racing Plymouth sat and Lowell sun. R U going to do Jay WInter race ?????

PS you don't seem overly fond of the Aetna people and you like everybody !