Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pedal in time

Friday's old school cruise around Wachusett reservoir prompted me to think about where technology has brought the cycling world in the past 100 years. Arguably we are the luckiest cyclists in history because we have enjoyed the most rapid evolution of gear known to the sport in just a few short years. Advancements in materials, frame design, suspension design, disc brake technology, wheel technology, super sticky rubber, carbon fiber, titanium, high tech alloys... Every year the gear gets a little better, designs get more efficient, components a little lighter, hopefully a little stronger and always more expensive. Can't wait to see where the sport of cycling will be in 10 or 20 years. Just gets better every year.

1938 Raleigh Record Ace
All original, even the tires! Very similar to this one that's on exhibit in a transportation museum in Maine. Good to see the owner wasn't afraid to ride it.

Mike P's daily commuter. A 1940 Elgin.
50 pounds and a tall single speed makes for strong legs.

Christopher on his 1972 moulton
full suspension, four speed, and collapsible!
not the first fully in history though.

a couple vintage road bikes, a Star and Murray
but I liked Warrens mostly original Fuji Ti

remember those pedro's bottle holders? Neither do I.

A fitting beverage after a vintage ride.


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IF Chicks said...

did you ride to Rez from S. Hamilton ????? nice shot of MIke along water.

The mud you were expecting at Canton, was at UNH cross race sat. Putney was a great course you would have ripped (downhill with asanidas's name on it) and BMX bumps..oh and a huge steep run-up.
you and jeff will have to do it next year !