Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scary Fun

Celebration time cause we survived!

You can never tell how a day will unfold. Especially when the plan is to meet a few daredevil friends for a day of downhill mayhem and reckless abandon. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best you could say. Bust'in out the crash pads and full face helmet and forget the limitations of an xc mountain bike as we proceeded to ride everything in the park.
Thanks to Bill, Josh, Barry and Jon for a hair raising day in the saddle. Why is overcoming fear so much fun? Like a bunch of kids playing with fire, today no one was burned.
We started out on the Race Trail step-up and things got pretty wild from there. Thanks Greeley for shooting videos. Bill and Josh demonstrated my favorite stunt of the day... The gap jump On Maiden Voyage trail. The planets must have been in full alignment because we could do no wrong. That or these stunts are designed and built by a bunch of guys that know what they were doing.
Here's a short video I ripped off the net, not us riding but you'll get a better idea of what scary fun is. At the very end of the video you'll see a guy fall off one of the step-ups...I didn't falter in the same way but let's just say I used up one of my nine lives.


Bill said...

What a day. I think the adrenaline is still running through my veins. Those jumps on NE Style are still running though my head on replay. Want them bad, too bad it'll have to wait until the spring.

Andy said...

they close the lift, but do they close the mountain?