Saturday, November 25, 2006

turkey weekend

Here I sit, early morning Saturday. A bit groggy waiting for the caffeine to kick me into action. I am still licking my wounds from yesterday's adventures with Brad and Jeff. Great ride but
why is it that a great ride must involve a certain amount of pain to qualify? Just the way it is.
Most memorable for this ride should be the amount of turkey consumed. Turkey sandwiches for breakfast prior to riding, during the ride Jeff brought a pound of dark meat in his camel back and post ride we finished off the leftovers along with all the beer in my house.

Thanksgiving at my parents house was a good time. The pouring rain gave us the perfect excuse to skip the after dinner walk and get right down to business with a spirited game of cards.
Here's my sister in law Jean with an apparent good hand. Lesson learned, don't bluff with a woman who's 7 months pregnant even if you are her father.
Lesli and I were taken out early in the tournament. I'm a better bike rider than gambler, but that's debatable. Went all-in with a pair of aces and nine high. My ten year old nephew took me out with two pair. Don't think Santa is going to be stopping at your house this year Christopher...that's right...I am threatening a ten year old.

We have this disaster to be thank full. No one was killed or hurt seriously because everyone was in bed and not walking around the neighborhood when the paint factory blew up. This is the neighborhood where my friend Ken grew up and is about four miles from our house. I believe the house in the center is his uncle's place. Pretty wicked.


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only a few seconds, but they have proven to be some painfull seconds.

ice bags and ice cold beer were a good remedy.