Monday, December 18, 2006

click clack clunk

That's the sound of two bikes rolling down the trail with drivetrains that have far exceeded their useful lives. Can they be coaxed back into smooth working order?...yeah, if you throw a couple Benjamin's at the problem I guess. Money can fix allot of bike related issues... But do you really want to bolt on a shiny new sram chain, cassette and rings for the winter? knowing full well that your only buying time till spring then you'll have to do it again? Well, yeah..if it means that's the only way to fix mis-shifting and broken chains.
Having said that Jeff and I are in the same boat, or our bikes are at least. And the boat they are in is a junk freighter floating swiftly out to sea.


Jason said...

Why is it when my chain goes it's ALWAYS stretched to nearly double it's length ruining my cassette, and chain rings in the process?? A lot that a $10 chain checker could help prevent, yet it's SOME HOW easier to dump $150 into my drive train. Hmmmmm. Issues.

Good luck.


IF Chicks said...

This is why you would like a singlespeed. Run with rigid fork and you are set for winter !

very quiet.

I replace stuff when needed on whatever month it is painful to pedal with grinding metal and mis-shifting.