Friday, December 22, 2006

Biking weather for Christmas

Got out yesterday with CCB on a nice 2.5 hour road cruiser. One of the longer rides in recent memory as the ride season is winding down. Answered a burning question in my mind...yes, my legs still work. The best thing about riding with those guys is their knowledge of the area and the way they link up the scenic country roads that roll for miles and miles. Hell, I've lived here all my life and still don't know exactly where we rode yesterday. I'd guess you'd say that they know the roads like we know the trails. With temps in the 50's for late December the cyclists in the northeast have gotten an early Christmas gift. I know this weather can't last all winter but wish it would. Got the hakka 300's ready and waiting to go just in case the inevitable happens.
Lesli and I have little excuse for not sending out Christmas cards this year. Since returning from Honduras we've been playing catch up with a few things and haven't gotten a handle on the details yet. We appreciate the cards we have received from family and friends and have them displayed on the mantle serving as the only decorations in the house (along with a string of lights to brighten the mood). I'd like to send out some Christmas cheer to some folks I haven't seen in a while and others I see everyday. Have a great holiday.

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