Thursday, December 28, 2006

Waiting for Sophie

Waiting for lots of things lately. Waiting for my steel hard tail to return from the weld table. Waiting for snow to dump from the heavens. Waiting for the sun to set at a reasonable time in the afternoon so's I can grab an after work pedal in the woods. But most of all waiting on Sophie to come into this world. I know my sister in law Jeanie can't wait too much longer. Hold in there Jeanie, not too much longer! For my brother's sake I hope it's a girl cause he's got an extremely pink bedroom.


IF Chicks said...

good luck to your brother + wife..did you see Tinker's son was born on Dec 21st ?? i'm off this week..maybe try to ride fri..are the trails up near you fairly dry ????

do not wish for snow..
or at least not a lot !

ps why is your hard tail in shop ??
i hope you did not break it :)

Andy said...

yup, the trails are in good shape. Wear'll stand a better chance of not getting shot.

I'm stuck on the road bike for now. My mountain hard tail suffered a fatal blow to the chain stay. Should be welded up and powder coated (red) sometime in the next two or three weeks. Just finished my QBP some choice parts on order for her.

Thanks for the well wishes. c ya.