Sunday, February 04, 2007

Exile !

I feel the need to pay homage to Brad and his Jamis Exile. He conveniently left it at my house for future use for when he is around my neck of the woods...turns out that was a good plan Bev. It has provided me many a good morning ride in the near-by patch of woods since my race bike has been off getting a make-over.
I've been in major purge mode the past couple few weeks selling anything and everything on ebay. Out with the old and in with the new! Shocked at some of the prices that used bike parts can fetch on the open market. Ebay is king. I'm trying my hardest to minimize my spare parts and maybe help out someone along the way. It's tough to part with some of my most coveted components but this stuff doesn't last forever...might as well sell it while it's still worth something and ride the current technology..and new bling doesn't hurt either.
Thanks to the guys at Western Cycle for your help ordering all my race schwag and pahts. Could not have built a race bike with out Jamie's support...that or I'd be in the poor house eating rice and beans every night...oh wait, I DO eat rice and beans every night.
So as you might be able to guess the frame isn't back from the painter yet...I'm hoping next week. What exactly will "painter's choice" look like? I have no idea.

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Jason said...

cheers to rice and beans!