Wednesday, February 07, 2007

kickstart my wimpness

Winter is finally here in the north east. We have not seen temps above 27 degrees in over a week, thus I've lost my ambition to ride early mornings. A few of us (Sean, Igleheart and me)had a long run of tues and fri 7a.m. rides but it didn't happen this week due to the cold. Hoping this saddle hiatus will strengthen my will to get out side this weekend. Still on the fence weather or not to do the Jay winter thing. No excuses really not to do it..I got the gear to keep warm, got a place to stay, conditions seem piss'a, George has graciously kicked me down a very suitable bike for the epic, just waiting to hear if I can change around work schedules with my colleague for weekend duties at the airport. The real challenge would be waking early Sunday morning to drive from northern Vermont to go to work. bla bla bla.

OK, I'm in.


IF Chicks said...

You aren't a wimp for not wanting to ride at 7am this week, it's been freaking -7F to 1F the last couple of mornings with wind chill (boot camp was cancelled mon).

go have fun with Jeff..
you can handle the early wakeup call with a couple cups of coffee :)

jeff said...

went for a ride yesterday, finally. was great! i'm done with the indoor, who's needs it. testing-out the ski with a studded rear in a cpl hrs.

new snow here and at jay... could soften things up a bit, slower-going.

wraith said...

sounds like a pain fest. Hope you come back with all your digits and...stuff