Thursday, March 01, 2007


The yearning question I cannot answer is how is my base fitness coming along these days... and I cannot answer it definitively. I just don't know. Still building base that's for sure! In years past I've had this cool guy to ride and train may have heard his name before...initials are JW.
Without a training partner to compare progress on the road or trail leaves me with a question mark for an answer to what is a burning question. Why is this such a burning question in my life....well, a conundrum itself.
With some nasty weather rolling in from the Ohio river valley I woke early this morning to get out on the road and spin for 2 hours for what I like to call "real cycling", as opposed to the trainer. It was the first time in 2007 that I've gotten out on the road bike, all my base till now has been on the mountain bike due to snow and ice on the roads.
I think a long road ride, to say...Ascutney or some far off place is in order. I could use a gaps ride or two for good measure.


wraith said...

Were havin fun now? You need some winter activity, snow shoes, skate skis, ice axe, hell ice fishing you can run from flag to flag. You have"good friends" in wintery places get out and see them! There could be some knee warmers in it for you.

Andy said...

ice fishing as an activity, now your talkin!...but seems like an excuse to get drunk and ride your ski mobile through thin ice.

wraith said...


jeff said...

it's weird being w/o a training partner. it's tough to motivate for 5-6hr rides on the Bay Circuit Trail in 5 degree weather alone... riding alone is kinda sucky, makes ya' wonder why you're out there. for the love of the sport - or the love of doing well? or maybe a mixture of both? as life ain't that simple.

hopbrook dam is on apr 8th, kinda a long way for me to roll, but it would be a good test of fitness - or an ass-beating Boy George would be proud of.

Andy said...

you got a point there, I have skipped the 5 degree days opting to spin up the pain machine... There's good and bad to that, the bad is you can just step off the stupid machine whenever you want ending your workout..the good is I haven't had to ride through flooded streams due to beaver dams.

Those mountainous Vermont dirt roads and their sucking deep mud will whip you into action. Boy George doesn't care so much for the ass-beating...he just likes the tight spandex.

so when's the gaps ride??