Sunday, March 04, 2007

September plans

It's unlike any where I've seen or been before.
Rugged, raw, beautiful, primitive,moon-like.
Could be the adventure of a lifetime.
or the end of one.
Is peace too much to ask? I just want to ride without getting shot or blown up...
The short answer should be just ride the damn Shenandoah 100 and stay the hell away from Islamabad...but the optimistic adventure seeker in me says different.


Mark said...


I was just in Pakistan (Karachi and Lahore) in December/January. As with every other place in the world, it's about being smart and alert. I had a grand time there.

jeff said...

i'd go. why not?

IF Chicks said...

I hear the really cool people are skipping SM100 this year anyways :)

Think about what you want to happen, not about getting blown up..
You'll figure it out, listen to your inner compass.

tour de burg will get you ready for this...

wraith said...

If anything it will make you ride faster. A crappie ak 47 only reaches 3to4 hundred yards anyway.